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    • We, Dongmyung Lighting, have been making an effort to give
      our customers’ satisfaction through
      Dongmyung's spirit of integrity, originality, and service.
    • Also, we are keeping up our study to develop excellent products.
      Currently, we have operated quality management systems and environment management systems efficiently.
      So, we ’ve gotten a good reputation in international lighting fair. In the filed of recessed down light industry, for the first time we was awarded 1 million export prize by Korea International Trade Association in 2002.
      We, Dongmyung Lighting, will exert all possible efforts in order to produce the best goods for our customers and try our utmost as a company with technique and competitive power in the world.
  • RAAT is
    _Name Concept
    Raat is compound word of ‘Ra’ and ‘Art’, ‘Ra’ stands for the sun god, light of nature, and creator of light. As new brand name of Dongmyung Lighting, we pursuit of high quality products to give all of our customers satisfaction.

    _Desing Concept
    RAAT shows that philosophy of Dongmyung lighting in order to make better light and better life. Double A means that it is our strong will to be top brand maker in overseas market. Also half circle in the double A represent sunrise.
    Lighting Design Institute establishment
    _Explore overseas lighting markets
    · Export to 60 counties and 150 companies.
    · Export North America and expand European market
    · Export to overseas market with our own brand RAAT

    _The international Market
    · Obtain CE and demonstrate the superiority
    · Obtain certification of the high efficiency and quality certification