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Establish lighting market base.
  • - Expansion and lead of domestic and overseas lighting market.
  • - Started development of LED lighting
Expanded LED lighting market
  • - Representative company of commercial lighting fixtures
  • - New product development through continuous R&D investment.
Leading the lighting market with product development.
  • - Development of innovative lighting system
  • - Global Leader Global leader of future lighting market

Based on sincerity and trust

We look at a new vision for the future.

[ since 1972 ]
2010 ~ 2018
Establish lighting market base.
Leading the lighting market with product development.

2010. 01. Expansion of list of production (LED Lighitng)

2010. 02. Acquisition of KS certification for Expansion of list of production

2011. 02. Prize of a presidential citation
: For development of Eco-Freindly LED Lighting Fixture

2011. 05. Acquision of Korean INNO-BIZ Technology Innovation Company

2011. 06. Seleciton of Promising Export Firm

2013. 12. Export Prize of 5 Million US Dollar

2014. 04. Design Prize of RedDot - Abaco series

2016. 04. Design Prize of RedDot - Ipse, Unico

2000 ~ 2009
Establish lighting market base.
Leading the lighting market with product development.

2000. 01. Membership of Korean Institute of
illumination & Electrical Installation Engineers

2002. 08. Extenion of 2(second) Factory

2002. 11. Export Prize of 1 Million US Dollar

2002. 12. Acquisition of ISO 9001 & 14001

2004. 05. Launching the New Brand "RAAT"

2004. 12. Prize of New Knowledge Worker of Korea from Minister of Korean Ministry of Interior

2007. 11. Openin of Company Affiliated R&D Institutes

2008. 12. Export Prize of 3 Million US Dollar

2009. 06. Selection of Promising Export Firm

1972 ~ 1999
Establish lighting market base.
Leading the lighting market with product development.

1972. 07. Establishment of Dongmyung Electric Ind.

1980. 10. Expansion of list of production (DOWN, SPOT, TRACK)

1983. 04. Opening of the Sales office

1987. 07. Opening of the Design office

1992. 05. Introduction of Goniometer (LMT)

1998. 06. New factory in Anseoung

1998. 10. Conversion to a corporation Dongmyung Lighting Co., Ltd.

1998. 12. Acquisition of ISO 9002

1999. 01. Opening of the Overseal sales team

1999. 10. Acquisition of ISO 9001

1999. 11. Expansion of list of production (Flood, Pole light)

1999 .12. Acquisition of KS certification

Research & Development

Dongmyung imported PRO-ENGINEER and Uni-Graphic programs.
Dongmyung design Reflectors with PHOTOPIA Program.

Though we need same time and requirement for product design regardless of the size and scope of the project, customer’s demands have been changed continuously.
So we need more correct and convenient solution for reduction of working hours. Dongmyung has used PRO-E and UG-NX, standard of 3D design, and produced design in the best way. PRO-E and UG-NX are the outstanding CAD solution for any size of the project. We can rapidly manufacture high quality product with this programs. Photopia is a 3D lighting design analysis program.
We estimate photometric data and illumination distribution with Photopia to design luminaire.

Production & Techniques

Dongmyung is equipped with the latest conveniences and has a pleasant environment.

Our factory is equipped with automation equipment such as a CNC(Computer Numerical Control) auto spinning (Doosan Infracore), CNC punch, CNC folding, press, and programmed NCT equipment(AMADA, Japan).
Powder Coating & Dry instrument and auto spinning machine are our pride among the rest.
Our manufacture apparatus, like CNC cutting (MEP, Italy), banding, shot, and conveyor system, is the newest system.
We are proud of working speed and efficiency from the production to packing and shipment.
We promise our customer to supply the best product not only quality but also production control.

Dongmyung mass-produce after quality test.

Dongmyung makes a constant effort to design and develop products to be ahead of the times in indoor and outdoor lighting design field.
We do our best to improve our product’s quality to make more exactitude and optical scientific lighting fixture.

New Wave New Product
Your LED Partner

Leading the manufacture of commercial lighting fixtures.

Domestic & Foreign Certifications
ISO ISO 9001 : 2015
ISO 14001 : 2015
Foreign CE
Domestic Patent and Design Patent
Domestic Trademark
Domestic Design Patent
Domestic Patent
Foreign Patent and Design Patent
Foreign Trademark
European Design Patent
US Design Patent